How To Record Steps Of A Particular Task In Windows 10?

How To Record Steps Of A Particular Task In Windows 10
How To Record Steps Of A Particular Task In Windows 10

Guys if you also want to record full steps of a particular task in image formate and you have windows 10. Then you will get the full detail about it in this article Simply just read this full article and try to understand all the points.

In Windows 10? – Friends much time we have to record all the steps that we do in a particular task. But to take the screenshot of everything we do in that task is very vast work and after that, we also have to edit it to use the highlighters. But if I say that you can do all these in just by using a window 10 feature. So, guys here I’m going to discuss that Windows 10 feature by which you can record all the steps of your particular task without using any external software.

The feature of Windows 10 that we are going to discuss is Steps Recorder. It is an inbuilt feature of Windows 10 by which you can easily record all the steps performed in a particular task. Now we will see how we can launch this feature.

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Key Features:-

  • Step Recorder is an inbuilt feature of Windows 10.
  • It is easy to use this.
  • You just need to simply give a click start recording to record your task in the form of images in this application.
  • After using this you don’t need to edit the images because it automatically highlights your activity with green color boundary.

How To Launch & Start Recording The Steps Recorder In Windows 10?

Follow the below steps to launch & start recording the steps recorder in Windows 10:-

  • Go to Cortana and Search For Steps Recorder.
Cortana Search - Steps Recorder
Cortana Search – Steps Recorder
  • Open the application named Steps Recorder.
Steps Recorder
Steps Recorder
  • There You will see the option of Start Recording. Click on that to start the steps recorder or you can also use the shortcode Alt+A.
  • After that perform your desired task and it will record your task in the form of images.
  • When you finish your task then open the steps recorder window and click on stop recording or use the shortcode Alt+O.

How To Save The Images That Are Recorded?

When you stop the recording then after it process for some time and give the result. There you can see all the images that are recorded in the form of images. To save them you just need to click on the save icon on the top menu and it will ask for the location give the location and hit save button. Note that all images combine and form a zip file. So whenever you want that images you just need to open the zip.

In this way, you can record your desired task in the form of images.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading this article I hope you fully understand how you can record your task in the form of several images without installing any software. Share this content to your Window 10 users friend. So that they can also test this good feature of Windows 10. Stay with us to get this type of interesting facts about Window 10.

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