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How To Disable Outgoing Call Of Any Android Phone?

How To Disable Outgoing Call Of Any Android Phone

Friends many times we want to disable of our Android phone and there is much reason behind this. But everyone knows to block any incoming calls but to block an is tough work. Hence here I’m to solve your problem How To Of Any Android Phone?

Of Any Android Phone? –  Sometimes when our friends, relative, and family member take our phone then they give a phone call to anyone from our phonebook, just to tease you. And any time you entangled in a big problem. Therefore, here I’m with a trick by which you can disable your outgoing calls so that anyone can’t call anyone without your permission. This will also increase your privacy and safety. You have to use a simple code to do this. Read the full article, otherwise, you can make a mistake.

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This is a very simple trick by which you can easily able to disable your outgoing calls. Follow the following steps to disable the outgoing calls:-

  • Go to your phone dial pad.
  • Type *#31# and click on Call Button.
Code To Disable Outgoing Calls

Code To Disable Outgoing Calls

  • A pop-up will appear with the confirmation. And now your all the outgoing call are blocked. Now anyone can’t call any outgoing call from your phone.

Note that if the popup will not appear instantly then wait for 10 sec. This depends on your Phone speed. So, keep the patient. In this way, you can easily disable your outgoing calls at your fingertips.

How To Enable Outgoing Call Again?

When you want to enable your outgoing call then you have to follow some simple steps again. The steps are:-

  • Go to the Dail Pad Of your Android Phone
  • Type #31# and Click the Dail Button.
Code To Enable Outgoing Calls Again

Code To Enable Outgoing Calls Again

  • Again a popup will appear in which it is written that Service disable. And now you are free to call anyone.

Always wait for the confirmation popup. Otherwise, you are not able to call anyone. In this way, you can again enable the outgoing calls on your android phone.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading this article How To Disable Outgoing Call Of Any Android Phone? I hope you liked and enjoyed this article very much. Comment down if you are facing any problem while going above process. Allow the notification to get this type of tricks every day.

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