Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?

Grammarly Overview Is it worth
Grammarly Overview Is it worth

In today’s online world, where everything is migrating over the internet from our daily needs shopping to legal talkings. We very often, come to a point where we are conveying our opinion and understanding by writing something like an email, a review, or just a message. And in none of the cases, we want to be misinterpreted or get embarrassed by our typos and grammatical errors. This is one of the significant problems people are afraid of while writing something of importance. But, here in this article, we will surely get you covered on this problem.

Today, we are going to talk about an online writing tool called “Grammarly,” which is helping millions of people in their writings every day. Also, don’t forget to check our honest opinion about Grammarly at the end of this post.

Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?Grammarly Overview : Is it worth? Here, In this article we are going to cover the following points about Grammarly:

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online realtime writing tool that helps you to check various types of errors that may occur while writing. The error includes potential grammar errors, spelling mistakes, word choices, punctuation errors, styling, and plagiarism.

Grammarly can be availed via a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge or an app in both Android and iOS. It is available in its both free and premium plans.

This tool is based on modern technologies like artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Using machine learning and deep learning algorithms, it is able to provide these services in realtime.

What Does Grammarly Offer?

Grammarly offers several services to their end customer as following:

Grammar Check

Grammarly automatically detects any potential grammatical errors in your article. It flags it in the written text and also suggests corrections to remove it.


Like Grammatical errors, Grammarly also works very effectively for punctuation checking and correction.

Spell Check

It comes with a robust spell-checking engine which never let you write accommodation as accomodation or acommodation.


Having plagiarism is one of the great problems when it comes to the submission of something professional. But, Grammarly got you covered here also. It detects plagiarism by comparing your text with billions and billions of web pages across the internet.

Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?

Writing Style

It provides a real-time score on the readability analysis of your writing. It also detects bigger and hard to read sentences and ask you to improve. This indeed helps to get better attention from the reader of the text. In Grammarly, you can also set your genre-specific writing style – formal, informal, and so on from the set goal option.

Word’s Meaning

Many times when we are reading something, we stuck on a word whose meaning we don’t know and cannot move forward without knowing it. So, here also Grammarly comes into play. We can get the meaning of any word by just double-clicking on the word.

Where Grammarly is a must?

Although Grammarly is beneficial for any type of English writer and reader.

But, it is essential when it comes to works where we can’t afford any writing mistake at all. Such use cases can be the following:

  • Authors and book writers
  • Copywriters and content marketers
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Professional emails
  • Reports and Presentations
  • Teachers and students

Grammarly also offers settings to any specific English like Canadian, American, British, Australian, and more.

Is Grammarly for free?

Yes! If you intend to check your writing for minor grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, then you can use Grammarly -basic, which is free of cost. But, if you are working at a professional level and your work needs a robust grammar checking software, then you should definitely try the premium version of Grammarly that only costs you $11.66 per month for a yearly subscription.

You can try Grammarly for free by clicking on the below button-

Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?

How much does it cost to use Grammarly?

Apart from Basic – FREE account of Grammarly, the typical pricing of Grammarly is the following:

  • $ 29.95/month — For Monthly Subscription
  • $19.98/month (billed one payment of USD 59.95) — For Quarterly Subscription
  • $11.66/month (billed one payment of USD 139.95) — For Annual Subscription

Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?

Our honest opinion about Grammarly

A few years back, I accidentally discovered Grammarly, like a spell checker and grammar corrector tool, while writing an article for TalkJarvis. After certain days of its use, I was so impressed that I start recommending writers of my company to try and use it. And very soon, I purchased its premium version too.

After several years of usage, I found that despite all its excellent and vital features. It also has some cons:

Grammarly sometimes overlooks the content and point unnecessary corrections, especially when you are writing any fiction or a story. It doesn’t always comply with the context or the emotion that a writer wants to engage in the article.

So, it’s always good to have manual inception of the article. A human proofreader is helpful in such cases. Yet another feature about Grammarly is that it also provides human proofreader service. You can send your work to a Grammarly’s human proofreader for inspection and feedbacks, which costs around USD.02 a word.

Common Questions About Grammarly

What is the Grammarly cancellation refund policy?

Bought Grammarly premium. Not like it? You can take the refund of your Grammarly premium subscription by contacting their contact support within ten days period.

How can I get Grammarly Premium for free?

Well, the answer is No, you cannot!. Although you can use their basic version, which is free and enough for many cases. Moreover, when you afford to upgrade to the premium plan of Grammarly, you can do this by clicking here.

Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?

Grammarly Overview : Is it worth?Is Grammarly mobile friendly?

Yes, indeed, Grammarly has a popular android and iOS app, available on play store and app store, respectively.

Grammarly for chrome?

You can add the chrome extension of Grammarly from Chrome web store for all your works, done in the browser.

Is Grammarly safe?

Yes, According to Grammarly privacy policy, they use private email level security or encryption for sending your data to there server for processing.

But on a practical note, the data is transmitted over the internet. So, it’s not 100% secure. Still, you don’t have to worry about security here unless you are writing legally or commercially sensitive documents.

Can Grammarly check plagiarism?

Yes, Grammarly has a robust plagiarism checking engine, which matches your content with billions of pages and also tells you the source where your content gets matched as well as the percentage of content that is duplicate.



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