How To Add New Users In WordPress Site

How To Add New Users In Wordpress Site
How To Add New Users In Wordpress Site

Site – Hi guys, today I’m going to show you how we can add new users to your WordPress site. There may be many reasons to add users to the WordPress site. The feature of adding users is also a great feature of WordPress. Here I described all the things related to adding users in WordPress. Stay glued with this article to make all the concepts related adding users clear.

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When Do You Need To Add Users In Your WordPress Site?

Let’s say you have a website and you’re the only person working on your site. Now if you want to let another person contribute to your site, you can do it by adding a new user in WordPress. Now when you add a new user you can give that user access to specific parts of your site so for example if you want this person to write blog posts for you you can use them access to just blog posts on your site and they won’t be able to make any other changes. Now if you want to give this user full access you can choose their access so that they can control the entire site so let’s get started.

How To Add New User In WordPress Website?

Let see how to add a new user to WordPress.

  • To add a new user go to your WordPress dashboard and then go to the users’ section and click Add New option.

    Add New User Button
    Add New User Button
  • Now enter the details of the new user. Firstly enter the user name for the new user, then enter, their email and their name. Once you have entered these details just click show password to get the default password for the new user. If you want to change this password just delete the password and then enter your own password.

    Add New User Window
    Add New User Window
  • When you have entered all the details you need to select the role of the user. WordPress has given different roles you can keep for the new user.
  1. Administrator – This role will give all the accessibility of your WordPress dashboard to the new user. This role can do any change in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Editor – This role will give full access to your pages and post. The editor can change any of your posts and pages. He can do more with your site like changing the theme, installing the plugin and adding new users.
  3. Author – This role gives access to anyone to add new post and to edit the post created by him. He can’t make changes to the post created by other persons.
  4. Contributor – This role give access to write articles and to send it to the administrator to review and to publish it. He can only write articles.
  5. Subscriber – This is the general role. The man in this role can only receive the new updates from the site in the form of notification. Subscribes can only log in to the site and can update their profile.
  • After filling the user role, hit the save button.

By repeating the above process you can add multiple users to your WordPress site according to your use and requirement.

How a New User Log In their account?

Now let us see how a new user can log in their account. You need to give the username and password to the user to whom you want to add to your WordPress site. The default link of the WordPress login page is Yoursite_address/login. The new user have to go to the login page and have to enter the username and password and have to hit the login button. Then the user will log in to the WordPress dashboard and he will see the option according to their role.

Bottom Lines – How to add multiple users in WordPress

Guys this is all for this post How To I hope you learned something new from this article. Keep glued with us to get an article related to Blogging. Subscribe our newsletter to get latest updates. If you face any problem while adding new users to your site then contact us, we will solve your problem instantly.

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